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Referrals are accepted only from the State of Connecticut Department of Correction.

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The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was enacted to prevent sexual assaults and harassment in residential facilities housing individuals under the control of various components of the judicial system. PREA's provisions apply to both client/client and client/staff interactions. Renaissance has a zero tolerance policy toward all forms of sexual abuse and harassment in our facilities and programs. To report an act of sexual abuse or harassment, individuals should contact either the Program Director or Renaissance's PREA Coordinator, Grace Gaynor (203 336-5225 x2108).

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  • Waterbury Community Release Programs

    The Waterbury Community Release Programs are provided at two locations and serve male clients referred by the Connecticut Department of Correction. In these program, clients are afforded the opportunity to establish vocational and educational skills, support systems and independent living skills prior to re-entering the community.

    The program begins with an intensive orientation program and introduction to the Evidence Based Model Life after Incarceration. The program is geared toward assisting clients in recognizing and addressing issues regarding institutionalization, program structure, regulations, client goals, vocational/educational opportunities, individual and group therapy, 12 step self-help programs, AIDS education, basic health issues, recreational therapy, and family systems re-establishment. Community access is available only with a staff escort.

    Once a client has received a positive evaluation from staff, he enters the work release portion of the program. This phase consists of a 90 to 120 day work release program along with continued Life after Incarceration programming. Each client secures employment and continues to attend group and individual counseling as well as self-help group meetings. Completion of the program is based on the client's participation level, employment, securing of appropriate residence, aftercare planning and legal status.

    Once a client completes the work release part of the program he begins weekly aftercare with an Aftercare Coordinator on site along with supervision from his Parole or TS Officer. The aftercare component lasts for up to three months during which time the client participates in individual sessions, relapse prevention groups, and urinalysis testing. Telephone contact continues for up to one year post-discharge to ensure the client maintains the gains made in the program.

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